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The music in me greets the music in you.

I never set out to become a performer and professional Music Artist by any means, even through cover songs. However, I've always connected with music in a profound way that transcends the auditory and hovers in the spiritual.

Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far and yet I claim no talent in the craft whatsoever, but a strong will and determination and lots of love has helped push me forward and continue to drive my development and success.

Music to me is self-expression above all, with the hopeful intention of touching someone else's soul in the process.

Check out my newest projects below, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I would love to collaborate with you.



Born and raised in Las Pinas City, Philippines, RJ Marmol aka "HeyRJ" has been singing for self-expression for as long as she can remember. She listens to all sorts of music and draws inspiration from various genres and generations. Her first attempts at recording songs happened in her bedroom between the time she was in highschool and college. HeyRJ would frantically write down song lyrics as songs play on the radio and would then sing her version and record them over old cassette tapes. Her musical heroes include The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Queen, Sir Elton John, Billy Joel and Coldplay.


She's been recording song covers for about 3 years now but have just recently started releasing them publicly. Currently, she's learning the guitar and DAW (digital audio workstation) software to produce her own music in the near future. HeyRJ released her first EP "Lost Stars" in July 2016, followed by a 30-track album of cover songs in "Music Machines Miracles" released in October 10, 2016. Her second full-length album "Ester Sunday" -- a tribute to her mom who died August 2016, came out January 23, 2017. Her third album "Flight" was released March 20, 2017. Another album of acoustic covers, "Stay Gold", was released October 16, 2017 to be followed by a Christmas album set to be released by November 2017.



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